by I am Stramgram

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released September 24, 2017


all rights reserved



I am Stramgram Bordeaux, France

Pop folk anglo-saxonne saupoudrée d'électro, conjuguant l'urgente folie d'artistes tel que Born Ruffians/Beck/Eels, avec les élégantes parenthèses des dandys Bowie ou Yorke. La part belle est, comme aux origines folk, faite à la voix et aux textes. Joyeuse et mélancolique, débraillée et exigeante, une musique à l'image des paradoxes qui nous habitent. ... more

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Track Name: Underwater Tank
The peaceful and warm summer air

Can sometimes quiet all the barking

Lost in the middle of nowhere

I feel some bruises will heal

But the distance won’t be enough

It’s like leaving the crowd to join a dance

The headlines turn me into a ghost

Too transparent to hold a lance

The peaceful and warm summer air

Feels everywhere highly toxic

Lost in space, there is no one

But I still recall it’s happening

Underwater tank and weightlessness

There’s nowhere to land, we can’t avoid the crash

Holding hard your breath the whole trip

There’s nowhere to land, even my bones collapse

One more week to go

Or maybe a decade

Waiting for the floods

That will drown our names
Track Name: Nothing But The Time You Waste
I haven’t slept for ages and my days get longer

Hanging around, hanging around and nothing matters

I cannot focus on anything, even for her

There was a time, I had a goal and a shelter

It’s four o’clock, I grab a beer at the local shop

Where is my mind ? No line to walk lost in a fog

I’ve got so many things that I can’t get out of my head

I’m a sad clown, giving no smiles, only headaches

Have a seat, take a sec’ and have a look behind

The conclusion is not that fine

You have nothing, you have nothing but the time you waste

Finish that beer, put yourself to the test

It’s like being possessed,
you don’t control your thoughts or gestures

The lack of sleep, the lack of ideas, the lack of trust

But it’s OK cause you’ve heard you are pretty skilled

At what you do, but you know that’s just a picture you give

Stop it now
Track Name: Serra's Snake
Quelques pas, je m’enfonce, silence et vide me maintiennent,

Entre les parois léviter, le reste importe à peine.

Comme éloigné.

L’espace se joue de mes sens, le sol questionne le ciel

Puis au bout des serpents le temps redevient lui même.

Laisse défiler.

There are no more thoughts to concertina in my brain

And there’s no incoming sound

Is every place the same if it fits into our ground?

Quelques pas, je m’enfonce, silence et vide me maintiennent,

Ici puisque le temps se calme mon sang circule à peine.

Comme retardé.

L’espace se joue de mes sens, le sol questionne le ciel

Puis au bout des serpents le temps redevient lui même.

Laisser filer.

Someone is calling

Someone is calling out

I don’t hear it
Track Name: Eaten Alive
Nothing for you to understand

You’ll drive until the road ends

Distancing the light that fades

You hope to shine until your grave

Is there any empty space ?

A somewhere that is nowhere
You keep going ahead

I have left my place as well

And I’ll walk until my path ends

Soon we will meet to shake hands

And switch our existence

But nothing has really changed

I end where you begin

We are on the same rails

It’s just another bus stop

Another train we get in

I’m eaten alive

By our cities diminished

And I lay on the backsit

Staring at the traffic lights

Like eaten alive

By our cities diminished
Track Name: Saut De Ligne
I can fix stories

But mine are all written

I’ll remember everything

I’m just pretending to be drunk

Struggling with my lying tongue

I know I always need an audience

Ajuste les scènes dans tous les sens

Elles n’ont de sens que celui qu’on leur donne

I’ve been hit by some storm

This is my last chance to write the happy ending

I don’t listen to you

You won’t bypass the stream

Silence is unbearable

My mind is not as lost as you think

Mauvais virage pousse au saut de ligne

Et le « je » heurté devient « il »

I’ve been hit by some storm

 "There’s no once and for all. There is no end", he thinks

A thought leads to another and we are trapped in that wheel
Track Name: Pack Your Toys
They told me we’re leaving
That it’s not for me to decide
« Pack your toys, make things clean.

Tomorrow you’ll see our new house »

I’ve whispered goodbye

I waved at the empty streets

Printed the smell in my head

And how the snow makes things unreal

New pictures on the walls

A new VCR and films

The heartbeat hasn’t changed

But something is dead inside of me

Floutées et lointaines

Distancées depuis

Ces allées se referment
Mais leurs échos parfois m’attirent

Pack your toys and make things clean

New pictures on your walls

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